Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in my blog. If you think your store or product design is a good fit for me and You would like me to feature your product on this blog, Please create a folder named " Review products/( Store Name)/Date

Also please insert a note card that has your Name, Store name, Landmark of your store,Please include any important information about your items, such as price,promo,events,availability,gifts etc..

Please drop the items to me, Ybonita Resident.

If you are contacted by anyone requesting copies to be blogged, Please let me know. 

Please note that I will only blog the items I think that will fit my style (please check my blog). For that reason I may not be able to blog every single item I receive but I will do my best to feature them all. I follow guidelines of the sponsors' request. I only ask, Please give me time to blog your items I really care for every items I feature, I carefully choose my locations and mix my windlights and clean my photos ( I'm not an expert on photoshop but I do my best and eager to learn to improve), I don't mind changing my shape and skin to enhance the featured Items and I may include Freebies on my post. I will inform you once your item has been blogged thru tagging you on Flickr or Facebook. 

Thank you so much!

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