Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting ready for autumn

I live in a tropical country. Where we have two seasons; Rainy and Dry Seasons but in  SL I get to experience Autumn,winter and Spring . So everybody's getting ready for Autumn. Petit Chat's ready!
 I'll be honest with you all, mesh can be tricky but this Jacket are awesome, just wear  and It fits perfectly with Bambola shape from  .::WOW skins ::. It comes with two skins. I got it from one of the MM board for group members.
My Hair is from D!va "maya". Group gift.
 So don't delay Join and grab these amazing gifts.

Petit Chat  is ready for Autumn. This is the *PC* Apocalypse'N jacket

Venue: Central park  " I'll visit this place someday"

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