Sunday, November 11, 2012

Solar Eclipse: My first encounter.

This is an Event you wouldn't wanna miss. The next totally Sun eclipse will happen on November 13th 2012, Remember to mark your RL calendar and for Our Second Life, The Solar Eclipse Gacha event in the Skygarden just started. The event will be on from November 9 until November 25, 2012. You heard me right It's a gacha event that every SL Fashionistas are addicted to right now. 

For those who are not yet familiar with the Gacha. 
 Gachas are the little cute looking machines, offering a choice of products for one price you set and they are way lower than regular price. The items are no copy but transfer and so it can be given as gift, when you got one double, when playing. So its nice to bring a friend along so you can exchange your Gacha prizes.  

The Solar Eclipse are mysterious and Fascinating and so our Gachas prizes. So why are you still here. Go and have fun with the Gachas. Here's your ride.

Here's my first batch of Gacha prizes.

I fell inlove with this beautiful mysterious gown from Petit chat. It comes with a flirty short skirt if you prefer to go clubbing instead of a formal ballroom and They are just 50 L to play on the Gachas. Just for The Solar Eclipse Gacha event at the Skygarden .

I got this Gold moon wand and my Luck never runs out. Get yours too for only 25L and my eyes on this photo is from ::Modish:: hazel Live mesh eyes for only 50L at The Solar Eclipse Gacha event at the Skygarden .

See those beautiful Gachas.

Every woman loves fine Jewelries to match their outfit. I got all of them because I love them all. This one right here is Bless Ruby.  They are only 25L from N@n@ only at The Solar Eclipse Gacha event at the Skygarden .

N@N@ Bless purple 

N@N@ Bless

N@N@ Bless orange 

 ooohhhh you just have to get this one. They are soooo cute and prims are low. They will be a sweet addition to your home for your Friends and family  to enjoy with. I named mine cherry. This animated glowing bear is from zero cool Designs. Only for 45 L Only at the Solar Eclipse Gacha event at the Skygarden .

My skin is from [ S H O C K ]   Kisha Glamour Skin Group gift 
Shoes: BM Ultimate Shona Gold * LUCKY BOARDS
Hair : Exile: Violetta Group Gift